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exhibition of Chaoyang in Septembe


Chaoyang Standard Parts Co., Ltd. will participate in the exhibition of the platform in September.The exhibition will be held from September 1 to September 31.

Our company mainly produces automobile fasteners, with mature production line and rich experiencewas awarded the title of national high-tech enterprises. Supply for domestic and foreign well-known auto parts enterprises and automobile brands long-term ,

In the exhibition, we will show the production of regular standard parts and customer customized non-standard parts. At the same time, the company environment and corporate culture will be displayed, so that visitors can have a more detailed understanding of us.

The company has a solid foundation in the production of traditional automobile fasteners, while actively exploring the field of new energy fasteners.

Quality casts brand, innovation leads development.1

Welcome to visit and we look forward to cooperation.

You can call18867704094 or send an email to our enterprise email

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